Production September 16, 2022 - October 2, 2022

Auditions June 8, June 9, 2022  |  Callbacks June 11, 2022


Gilbert & Sullivan's Classic Musical
J. Deschene – Director 

Div Slomin – Musical Director

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Iolanthe takes place in a beautiful, idealized storybook version of Victorian England.  We begin in an idyllic and colorful forest glade before transitioning to dark, gray London.  The characters we meet include a bright band of flitting fairies and a pompous pack of parliamentary peers, as well as the following interesting individuals.

AFD has a non-discriminatory, open casting policy, except for this: all actors must be COVID vaccinated. Please bring proof of vaccination and wear a facemask to auditions.  


Preparing for the Auditions

Audition slots will be scheduled on the hour. Bring 16 bars of sheet music in the style of Gilbert & Sullivan, not Iolanthe, a set of soft shoes for dancing, a photograph, and a hard copy of the completed audition form and completed conflicts calendar. 


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The Lord Chancellor - Male-presenting, 40s+ - While he exudes confidence and power when dealing with matters of state, he is inwardly a sensitive and anxious man.  Strong physical comedy and improv skills are a plus.  Comic baritone (G2-E4).


Earl of Mountararat - Male-presenting, any age - A pompous man who is very proud of the Peers’ long tradition of not accomplishing very much. Baritone (A2-E4).


Earl Tolloler - Male-presenting, any age - It’s a tough job being wealthy and privileged, but don’t worry.  Lord Tolloller is willing to take one for the team. Tenor (D3-A4).


Private Willis - Male-presenting, any age - A Grenadier guard who watches over the Tower at night.  His long and lonely watches have given him lots of time to come up with some interesting ideas.  Strong silent comedy skills are a plus.  Bass-baritone (Ab3-Db4).


Strephon - Male-presenting, 25 - As a half-fairy/half-mortal, Strephon is happy to live a life of storybook bliss attending his sheep in the fields.  The furthest thing from his mind is becoming a pawn in a war between Fairies and the British government. Lyric baritone (G2-G4).


Queen of the Fairies - Female-presenting, 30s+ - A dominating and intimidating presence, she leads her fairies boldly into battle against the mortals, but deep beneath that hard exterior is a heart that loves and aches.  Contralto (G3-E5).  


Iolanthe - Female-presenting, appears 17 - Once a most beloved member of the fairy band, Iolanthe committed the ultimate sin of marrying a mortal.  Bravely, she accepted her punishment and resolved to raise her son, Strephon, on her own.  Mezzo (C4-Gb5).  


Leila - Female-presenting, any age - A fairy who finds it her duty to uphold the fairy law and support the Fairy Queen in all things, even when her heart says otherwise.  Mezzo (C4-D5).


Celia - Female-presenting, any age - Somewhat more rebellious than Leila, Celia will complain when she’s unhappy, or ask for an explanation when things don’t make sense.  Soprano (C#4-G5).


Fleta - Female-presenting, any age - A newer fairy, Fleta is not quite familiar with all of the laws yet. Speaking role.


Phyllis - Female-presenting, 18 - 25 - A ward of the Lord Chancellor and Strephon’s merry lover, Phyllis spends her days skipping through the idyllic landscape of her storybook life.  She is well aware of her beauty and the power it affords her.  Soprano (A3-A5).

Everyone who comes to audition will need to show proof of their Covid-19 vaccination.