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AFD History

Board of Directors

"Clybourne Park" 2015

Board 2022-2023


President: David Warnock
Vice President: Judy Weinberg
Treasurer: Shelley Brown
Recording Secretary: Shayna Loeffler
Program Director: Sandy Armstrong
Membership Director: Jocelyn Hesse
Publicity Director: Ginger Webb
House Director: Ken Theriault
Technical Director: Iain Bason
Development Director: Dayle Ballentine
Box Office Director: Clare Livak

Nominating Committee: Cyn Marsden, Abby Seidel, Phyllis Uloth


Investment Committee: Rich Trevino, Stu Kazin, Joe Stallone

Bylaws & Policies

AFD Theatre Bylaws: Updated April 2019.

AFD Sexual Harassment Policy: Uploaded 2019.

AFD Code of Conduct: Updated February 2020.

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