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AFD History

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"The Graduate" 2017

AFD Theatre Productions, 1923-2023

By Year with Presidents

1923 – Mrs. Cyrus Dallin

one-act plays:...Their Anniversary - ...A Minuet

1923 - 1924 – Mrs. G. B. C. Rugg

Friend Hannah

one-act plays ...Lima Beans - ...The Marriage Shall Not Take Place ...Playgoers - ...A Minuet (reprise)


1924 - 1925 – Mrs. George Moody

The Boomerang - Lady Windermere’s Fan


1925 - 1926 – Mrs. R. R. Perry

The New Poor - The Copperhead


1926 - 1927 – Mrs. R. R. Perry

What Every Woman Knows - Honors Are Even


1927 - 1928 – Mrs. Harold Turner

Aren’t We All? - Under Cover


1928 - 1929 – Mrs. George Badey

Expressing Willie - The First Year


1929 - 1930 – Mrs. J. H. Mead

Mrs. Partridge Presents - The Road to Yesterday Skidding


1930 - 1931 – Mrs. J. H. Mead

Major Barbara - Tommy - White Hyacinths


1931 - 1932 – Mrs. J. H. Mead

The Last of Mrs. Cheyney - Caesar Has a Fever - The Perfect Alibi


1932 - 1933 – Mrs. J. O. Matthews

Broken Dishes - The Ghost Train


1933 - 1934 – Mrs. J. O. Matthews

The Queen’s Husband - Uncle Tom’s Cabin - The Middle Watch - The Mikado


1934 - 1935 Mrs. J. O. Matthews

Sing, Sweet Angels (First production in our present theatre.)

She Got Away With It - Swift Sword – Iolanthe - The Wizard of Oz - Holiday


1935 - 1936 Marjorie Manning

This Thing Called Love - The Stars May Change - Princess Ida - The Enchanted April - Recipe for Murder - There’s Always Juliet


1936 - 1937 Marjorie Manning

I’ll Leave It to You - How Like a God - The Pirates of Penzance On the Third Day - Let Us Be Gay


1937 - 1938 Philip Burt

The Gondoliers - The Emperor’s New Clothes - On Stage - The Trunk - Charity Begins - The Late Christopher Bean


1938 - 1939 Arthur W. Sampson

Ruddigore - Up Pops the Devil - Mother’s a Queen The Outsider - Stage Door


1939 - 1940 Arthur W. Sampson

The Yeoman of the Guard - The Royal Family - Night Must Fall - The Merchant of Venice - Fresh Fields - The Barretts


1940 - 1941 Arthur W. Sampson

H.M.S. Pinafore - You Can’t Take It With You - Shadow and Substance - Nothing But the Truth - Love From a Stranger - Pygmalion


1941 - 1942 Curtis K. Pinkham

(During the War years the number of productions was reduced due to the fuel shortage.)

The Bishop Misbehaves - Liliom - The Vinegar Tree - The Little Stranger - The Distaff Side


1942 - 1943 Curtis K. Pinkham

The Old Maid - Candida - The Women


1943 - 1944 Jessie Kennedy

The Circle - Ladies in Retirement - Ring Around Elizabeth - Hay Fever


1944 - 1945 Jessie Kennedy

Claudia - Iolanthe (repeat) - Suspect - Spring Again


1945 - 1946 Jessie Kennedy

The Animal Kingdom - Blithe Spirit - The Only Girl - Uncle Harry - Dear Octopus - The Pursuit of Happiness


1946 - 1947 W. Parker Wood

Three’s a Family - The Gondoliers (repeat) - Angel Street - Guest in the House - Post Script


1947 - 1948 W. Parker Wood

Lady Windermere’s Fan (repeat) - The Trunk (repeat) - The Mikado (repeat) - Dear Brutus - Old Acquaintance


1948 - 1949 W. Parker Wood

George Washington Slept Here - The Far-off Hills - Sweethearts - Death Takes a Holiday - Life with Father


1949 - 1950 Russell T. Hamlet

For Love or Money - The Winslow Boy - Knickerbocker Holiday Morning’s at Seven - The Rivals


1950 - 1951 Russell T. Hamlet

Light Up the Sky - The Glass Menagerie - The Yeoman of the Guard (repeat) - Edward My Son - Harvey

1951 - 1952 Russell T. Hamlet

The Curious Savage - The Little Foxes - Brigadoon - Gramercy Ghost


1952 - 1953 Edward W. Center

The Happy Time - Victoria Regina - A Play for Mary - Portrait in Black - Carousel


1953 - 1954 Milton C. Paige Jr.

Bell Book and Candle - Anna Christie – Gigi - The Corn is Green - Ruddigore (repeat)


1954 - 1955 Milton C. Paige Jr.

The Hasty Heart - Anne of the Thousand Days The Late George Apley - Laura - The Desert Song


1955 - 1956 Milton C. Paige Jr.

Lo and Behold - The Caine Mutiny Court Martial South Pacific - Rebecca - The Tender Trap


1956 - 1957 Milton C. Paige Jr.

The Silver Whistle - Darkness at Noon - The Solid Gold Cadillac Paint Your Wagon - The Heiress


1957 - 1958 Carl K. Freyer

The Teahouse of the August Moon - The Lady’s Not for Burning - The Desperate Hours - One Foot in Heaven - Finian’s Rainbow


1958 - 1959 Carl K. Freyer

Count Your Blessings - Duet for Two Hands - Arsenic and Old Lace - The Most Happy Fella - Electra


1959 - 1960 Carl K. Freyer

The Man Who Came to Dinner - The Great Sebastians - Pipe Dream - Middle of the Night - Quality Street


1960 - 1961 Barbara L. Horrigan

Look Homeward Angel - The Girls in 509 - Iolanthe (repeat) - The Diary of Anne Frank - The Warm Peninsula

1961 - 1962 Barbara L. Horrigan

Anastasia - The Flowering Peach - The Pajama Game - Death of a Salesman - Arms and the Man


1962 - 1963 Barbara L. Horrigan

The Pleasure of His Company - The Deadly Game - Guys and Dolls - The Country Girl - Breath of Spring


1963 - 1964 Edgar E. Kneupfer / Henry F. Szafarz

Everybody Loves Opal - The Devil’s Advocate - Twelve Angry Men - The Happiest Days of Your Life - My Fair Lady


1964 - 1965 Henry F. Szafarz

The Best Man - Critic’s Choice - Write Me a Murder - Tea and Sympathy - The Three Penny Opera


1965 - 1966 Henry F. Szafarz

Mary, Mary - Silent Night, Lonely Night - A Man For All - Seasons - Picnic - The Music Man


1966 - 1967 Richard E. Erickson

Rhinoceros - The Dark at the Top of the Stairs - The Irregular Verb to Love - The Crucible - The Sound of Music


1967 - 1968 Richard E. Erickson

The Torch Bearers - The Madwoman of Chaillot - How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying - An Enemy of the People - Dark of the Moon


1968 - 1969 Myldred Foley Trempf

Amphytrion 38 - Our Town - The Natural Look - Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - She Loves Me


1969 - 1970 Myldred Foley Trempf

Wait Until Dark - A Delicate Balance - Come Blow Your Horn - The House of Bernarda Alba - Damn Yankees


1970 - 1971 Louise Licklider

Androcles and the Lion (D: Raye Bush) - Summer and Smoke (D: Louise Licklider) - See How They Run (D: Henry Szafarz) - The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (D: Richard J. Cox) - Once Upon a Mattress (D: Don Harper; MD: Robin Esch; C: Ellen Kazin)


1971 - 1972 Louise Licklider

Sunday in New York (D: Gerald Michaels & Betty Finnigan) - The Potting Shed (D: Fred J. Bush) - Fiddler on the Roof (D: Louise Licklider; MD: Gregg Steiner; C: Mary Bertagna) - The Lion in Winter (D: Donald Harper) - The White Liars & Black Comedy (D: Henry F. Szafarz)


1972 - 1973 Louise Licklider

The Odd Couple (D: G. E. “Jerry” Michaels) - The Chalk Garden (D :Raye Bush) - Man of LaMancha (D: Louise Licklider; MD: George R. Fulginiti; C: Marsha Biddl) - The Price (D: Donald Harper) - Gold in the Hills (D: Robert Storer; MD: Dan Murphy; C: Ellen Kazin)


1973 - 1974 Myldred Foley Trempf

Charley’s Aunt (D: Henry Szafarz) - The Skin of Our Teeth (D: Louise Licklider) - Cabaret (D: Raye Bush; MD: Tom Gilligan; C: Ellen Kazin) - The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man -in-the-Moon Marigolds (D: Donald Sisson) - Thieve’s Carnival (D: Robert Storer)


1974 - 1975 Ernest C. Stevens Jr.

Dracula (D: Bert Hirschhorn) - The Gingerbread Lady (D: Betty Finnigan) - Can-Can (D: Barbara Tyler; MD: Robert A. Lague; C: Ellen Kazin) - I Never Sang for My Father (D: Norman Goodman) - Ah, Wilderness (D: Dorothy A. Schecter)


1975 - 1976 David L. Goldstein

Butterflies are Free (D: Barbara Karpinski) - Tonight at 8:30 Red Peppers (D: Renee Miller; C: Sue Bugden - Fumed Oak (D: Ernest C. Stevens, Jr.) - Hands Across the Sea (D: Steven M. White) - Seesaw (D&C: Ellen Kazin; MD: Robert A. Lague) - And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little (D: Donald E. Sisson) - You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (D: Don Harper; MD: Mickey Rainier; C: Ellen Kazin)


1976 - 1977 Mary E. Guinan

Sleuth (D: Betty Finnigan) - The Importance of Being Earnest (D: Edward Burdekin) - Carnival (Donald E. Sisson; MD: Adrith Pºrovencher; C: Jody Mangini) - That Championship Season (D: Steven M. White) - The Taming of the Shrew (D: Harlan Grant)


1977 - 1978 Mary E. Guinan

Ten Little Indians (D: James Grana) - No Sex Please, We’re British - (D: George Stevens) - Separate Tables (D: Harlan F. Grant) - Camelot (D&C: Ellen Kazin; MD: John M. Rainier) - The Royal Family (D: Edward Burdekin)


1978 - 1979 Mary E. Guinan

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (D: Harriet Ryan) - 6 Rms Riv Vu (D: B. J. Tyler) - The Wisdom of Eve (D: James Grana) - The Boyfriend (D: Thomas Russell Martin; MD: Sandra Bailey Kendall; C: Beverly Lewis) - Blithe Spirit (repeat) (D: Harlan Grant)


1979 - 1980 Ellen Kazin

The Sunshine Boys (D: Donald Harper) - Night Watch (D: James Butterfield) - Equus (D: Harriet Ryan) - Mack and Mabel (D: Jacqueline Gervais; MD: Robert Lague; C: James Girgenti) - Hedda Gabler (D: Louise Licklider)

1980 - 1981 Ellen Kazin

The Shadow Box (D: Marilyn Wales) - Godspell (D: James Butterfield; MD: Robert Lague) - Same Time, Next Year (D: Harlan Grant) - Mame (D & C: Ellen Kazin; MD: Merrill Shea) - Crown Matrimonial (D: Ernest Stevens)

1981 - 1982 Ellen Kazin

Dial M for Murder (D: Betty Finnigan) - A Thousand Clowns (D: Harlan Grant) - Tribute (D: B. J. Tyler) - Anything Goes (D: Rosemary Melanson; MD: Jon Hutton; C: Ann T. Curtis) - On Golden Pond (D: Louise Licklider)


1982 - 1983 Nancie J.S. Richardson

A Streetcar Named Desire (D: Harlan Grant) - Da (D: Ed Burdekin) - Deathtrap (D: Neil Shapiro) - Follies (D: James Grana; MD: Sandra Bailey Kendall; C: Beverly Lewis) - Whose Life Is It Anyway? (D: Marilyn P. Wales)


1983 - 1984 Nancie J.S. Richardson

Night Must Fall (repeat) (D: Steven M. White) - Two by Two (D: Ellen Kazin; MD: Eddy May III) - Morning’s at Seven (repeat) (D :Joann Stevens) - Sweeney Todd ...(D: Dorothy Santos; MD: Carole and Douglass Davidson) - The Dining Room (D: Frank Roberts)

1984 - 1985 Nancie J.S. Richardson

Mass Appeal (D: Beverly LaSonde) - Judy, Judy, Judy (D: James Grana; MD: Wayne Ward) - Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (D: Henry Szafarz) - Brigadoon (repeat) (D: Celia Bartolotti; MD: Sandra Bailey Kendall; C: Sharon Glazer Bisantz) - 84 Charing Cross Road (D: Marilyn Wales)


1985 - 1986 Dorothy P. Santos

Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris (D: Ellen Kazin and Ed May) - The Hound of the Baskervilles (D: Diane Griliches) - The Glass Menagerie (repeat) (D: Louise Licklider) - Chicago (D: B.J. Tyler; MD: Howard Boles: C: Joe Cacciola) Bedroom Farce (D: Harriet Ryan)

1986 - 1987 Dorothy P. Santos

Noises Off (D: Harriet Ryan) - Ballroom (D: James R. Grana; MD: Jeffrey Gage) - The Rope Dancers (D: Dorothy Santos) - Barnum (D: Celia Bartolotti; MD: Sandra Bailey Kendall; C: C.B. Herington) - Tally’s Folly (D: David Warnock)

1987 - 1988 Dorothy P. Santos

Brighton Beach Memoirs (D: Denis Fitzpatrick) – Amadeus (D: Dorothy Santos) - Corpse (D: Pat Bashford) - Dear World (D: Louise Licklider; MD: David Testa) - Agnes of God (D: David Warnock)

1988 - 1989 James R. Grana

Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (D: Celia Bartolotti) - The Baker’s Wife (D: Denis M. Fitzpatrick; MD: Paul S. Katz) - Crimes of the Heart (D: Janet Bobcean) - La Cage aux Folles (D & C: John Safina; MD: Arthur Finstein) - I’m Not Rappaport (D: Russ Robbins)

1989 - 1990 Sandi Ford Biggins

How the Other Half Loves (D: Donna Corbett) - Les Liaisons Dangereuses (D: Dorothy Santos) - A View From the Bridge (D: Denis Fitzpatrick) - A Little Night Music (D: Lauren L. Cochran; MD: Arthur Finstein; C: James Grana) - The Real Thing (D: James O’Brien)

1990 - 1991 Sandi Ford Biggins

Cole (D: Ernest Stevens; MD: Paul Katz; C: Jean Ellen Pendergrass) - Fatal Attraction (D: Kimberly Faris) - Talking With ....(D: Derek S. Nelson) - Me and My Girl (D & C: Ellen Kazin; MD: Ed May) - Run For Your Wife (D: Harriet Ryan)


1991 - 1992 Don Richardson

Little Shop of Horrors (D: Donna Corbett; MD: Arthur Finstein; C: Joe Cacciola) - Sly Fox (D: Barbara J. Tyler) - Steel Magnolias (D: Mary Fitzpatrick) - Applause (D: Celia Bartolotti; MD: Carole and Doug Davidson; C: Maryann Swift) - A Shayna Maidel (D: Mary Feuer)

1992 - 1993 Don Richardson

Lend Me A Tenor (D: Harriet Ryan) - Perfectly Frank (D & C: Ellen Kazin; MD: Mario Cruz) - The Elephant Man (D: John Fogle) - Gypsy (D: James Grana; MD: Arthur Finstein; C: Karen Birch) - The Runner Stumbles (D: Bill Doscher)


1993 - 1994 Don Richardson

Rumors (D: Harriet Ryan) - Shadowlands (D: Mary Fitzpatrick) - Other People’s Money (D: Denis Fitzpatrick) - City of Angels (D: David Warnock; MD: Mario Cruz) - The Foreigner (D: Nancy Curran Willis)


1994 - 1995 Marian Desilets

Much Ado About Nothing (D: Tom Large) - Romance, Romance (D & C: Ronni Marshak; MD: Douglas Steiner) - A Piece of My Heart (D : Nancy Curran Willis) - Grand Hotel (D: Celia Couture; MD: Mario Cruz; C: Joe Cacciola) - The Philadelphia Story (D: Ken Harvey)


1995 - 1996 Marian Desilets

Wonderful Town (D: Lisa Orr; MD: Richard Shore; C: Pamela Ramsdell) - Beau Jeste (D: Fran Weinberg) - Ten Little Indians (repeat)  (D: Lauren Cochran) - Arsenic and Old Lace (repeat) (D: Denis Fitzpatrick) - Company (D: David J. Miller; MD: Arthur Finstein; C: Joe Cacciola)

1996 - 1997 Celia Couture

The Sisters Rosensweig (D: Celia Couture) - Fantasticks (D: Paul Murphy; MD: Mario Cruz: C: Maryann Swift) - I Never Sang For My Father (repeat) (D: John Fogle) - The Secret Garden (D: Penny Schricker; MD: Mario Cruz and Brian Rehrig; C: Joyce Cranford) - Habeas Corpus (D: James Lynch)

1997 - 1998 Celia Couture

(major building renovation start)

Nunsense (D: Tom Large; MD: Sandra Bailey Kendall; C: Jean Ellen Pendergrass) - A Few Good Men (D: Nancy Curran Willis) - Present Laughter (D: Ernest Stevens) - Kiss Me Kate (D: Larry Devlin; MD: James Jackson; C: Michael Hogman)

1998 - 1999 Celia Couture

Funny Girl (D: B.J. Tyler; MD: Arthur Finstein; C: Michael Hogman) - M Butterfly (D: Celia Couture) - Laughter on the 23rd Floor (D: BJ Williams) - Blood Brothers (D: Ellen Kazin; MD: Steve Shapiro; C: Susan Chebookjian) - Marvin’s Room (D: Ken Harvey)

1999 - 2000 Stuart Kazin

Don’t Dress For Dinner (D: Michael Jacobs) - Ben Franklin in Paris (D: Marcy Campbell; MD: Sandra Bailey Kendall; C: Bill Allsbrook) - Death and the Maiden (D: John Fogle) - Side Show (D & C: Maryann Swift; MD: Mario Cruz) - Driving Miss Daisy (D: Denis Fitzpatrick)

2000 - 2001 Stuart Kazin

The Miracle Worker (D: Bob Eiland) - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (D: David Giagrando; MD: Mario Cruz; C: Hilary Ocko) - The Visit (D: Marc S. Miller) - The Will Rogers Follies (D: Ray Possick; MD: Sandra Bailey Kendall; C: Michael Hogman) - Prelude to a Kiss (D: Celia Couture)

2001-2002 Stuart Kazin

I Hate Hamlet (D: BJ Williams) - The Cripple of Inishmaan (D: John Fogle) - Night of the Iguana (D: Bob Eiland) - Into the Woods (D: Suzanne Bixby; MD: Arthur Finstein) - Communicating Doors (D: David Warnock)


2002-2003 Ellen Kazin

Moon Over Buffalo (D: Harriet Ryan) - The World Goes ‘Round (D & C: Russell R. Greene; MD: Mario Cruz) - Arcadia (D: Dorothy Santos) - Fiorello! (D: Frank Roberts; MD: Barry Singer; C: Charley Borden) - Over the River and Through the Woods (D: Denis Fitzpatrick)

2003-2004 Ellen Kazin

No Way to Treat a Lady (D: Russell R. Greene; MD: Mario Cruz) - Inspecting Carol (D: Maryann Swift) - The Laramie Project (D: Celia Couture) - Titanic, The Musical (D: James Grana; MD: Mario Cruz; C: Michael Hogman) - Master Class (D: Dayle Ballentine)


2004-2005 Glenn Ryan

I Remember Mama (D: Denis Fitzpatrick; MD: Sandra Bailey Kendall; C: Susan Chebookjian) - Death by Chocolate (D: Jim Butterfield) - The Women (D: Celia Couture) - Kiss of the Spider Woman - (D&C: Lisa Antonecchia; MD: Mario Cruz) - Misery (D: Alex Lucchesi)


2005-2006 Glenn Ryan

Wit (D: Celia Couture) - A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley (D: Alex Lucchesi; MD: Sandra Bailey Kendall) - The Unexpected Guest (D: Elizabeth Hunter) - West Side Story (D: Nancy Curran Willis; MD: David Rose; C: Jennifer Condon) - Enchanted April (D: Kevin Mark Kline)


2006-2007 James Grana

Shakespeare in Hollywood (D: Mickey Coburn) - I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change (D: Kevin Mark Kline; MD Hillary Brooks; C: Josie Bray) - Dancing at Lughnasa (D: John Fogle) - Carousel (D: James Grana; MD: Joe Mason; C: Avi Asuleen) - The Underpants (D: Nancy Curran Willis)


2007-2008 James Grana

To Kill a Mockingbird (D: Bob Eiland) - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (D: John McGee; MD: Art Finstein; C: Rebecca Cousineau) - How I Learned to Drive (D: Celia Couture) The Mystery of Edwin Drood (D&C: Maryann Swift; MD: Markus Hauck) - The Last Night of Ballyhoo (D: David Warnock)


2008-2009 James Grana

Inherit the Wind (D: Richard Carey) - Batboy: The Musical (D: Nancy Curran Willis; MD: Josh Finstein; C: Kristin Gallis) - Rabbit Hole (D: Kevin Mark Kline) - Aida (D: Dana Bissett; MD: Hillary Brooks; C: Laura Espy) - Brooklyn Boy (D: Dayle Ballentine)


2009-2010 Dick Santos

Our Town (D: David Warnock) - Moonlight and Magnolias (D: Nancy Curran Willis) - Proof (D: Kevin Mark Kline) – She Loves Me (D: Mark Baumhardt; MD: Brian Rehrig; C: Jennifer Condon) - The Odd Couple (D: John Pease)


2010-2011 Dick Santos

A Class Act (D: Ellen Kazin; MD Mario Cruz; C: Jeffrey Kazin) -The Sweetest Swing in Baseball (D:Elisebeth Fenstermaker) - Curtains (D: Paul Murphy; MD: Matthew Stern; C: Michael Hogman) - Table Manners (D: Harriet Ryan & Joe Stallone)


2011-2012 Dick Santos

Hair (D: Liz Fenstermaker; MD: Jason Whiting; C: Theresa Melito) - Death of a Salesman (D: Kevin Mark Kline) - Grey Gardens (D: Nancy Curran Willis; MD: Matthew Stern) Enter Laughing (D: Jerry Bisantz)


2012-2013 Iain Bason

Oliver! (D: John McGee, MD: Art Finstein, C: Kelli Edwards) - The 39 Steps (D: Jeffery Mosser) - Side By Side By Sondheim (D: Joe Stallone, MD: Karin Denison, C: Jennifer Condon) - The Memory of Water (D: Nancy Curran Willis)


2013-2014 Iain Bason

The Importance of Being Earnest (D: Andrea Humez)  - Legally Blonde--The Musical (D: James Tallach, MD: Stephen Peters, C: Theresa Melito) - The Mai (D: Nancy Curran Willis) - A Little Night Music (D: Joe Stallone, MD: J. Parker Eldridge, C: Dan Marshall)


2014-2015 Iain Bason

Avenue Q (D: Kevin Mark Kline, MD: Jason Whiting) - Good People (D: Jerry Bisantz) - Nine (D & C: Jennifer Condon, MD: Mario Cruz) - Quartet (D: Dayle Ballentine)


2015-2016 David Warnock

A Chorus Line (D: Nicholas Muernier, MD: Jason Lien, C: Todd Reinhart) - Clybourne Park (D: Celia Couture) – The Boy from Oz (D: James Grana, MD: Mario Cruz, C: Rachel Roccoberton Griffin) – Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike (D: Mary Fitzpatrick)


2016-2017 David Warnock

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (D: Justin McCoubry, MD: John D. Eldridge) - An Inspector Calls (D: Mary Fitzpatrick) – Sunset Boulevard (D: Kevin Mark Kline, MD: Steven Bergman) – The Graduate (D: Joe Stallone)


2017-2018 David Warnock

The Light in the Piazza (D: Ryan Began, MD: John D. Eldridge, C: Daisy Giunta) - The Game's Afoot; or Holmes for the Holidays (D: J. Deschene) – 9 to 5: The Musical (D: Paul Murphy, MD: Anthony Sacco, C: Bradford Robinson) – Unnecessary Farce (D: Paul Slade Smith)

2018-2019: Kevin Mark Kline (June-Dec.); Iain Bason (Dec.-June)

Violet (D: Steven Atwater, MD: Danielle Clougher) – Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (D: Ingrid Oslund) – Witness for the Prosecution (D: J. Deschene) – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (D: Ryan Began, MD: James Haupt, C: Daisy Giunta)

2019-2020: Judy Weinberg

(Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the run of Love's Labour's Lost was cut short and a planned production of Gypsy did not take place.)

The Addams Family (D: Timothy Andrew, MD: Danielle Clougher) – Hand to God (D: Patrick Cleary) – Love's Labour's Lost (D: Katie Pickett, MD: Bethany Aiken, C: Michael Hogman)

2020-2021 Judy Weinberg

Programming was virtual this season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Live from AFD!: Speeches (D: Joe Stallone, Susan Harrington)

Live from AFD!: Tea for Three

Live from AFD!: Dynamic Duos


2021-2022 Judy Weinberg

A planned second musical, Pippin, did not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The All-Night Strut! (D & C: Susan Chebookjian, MD: Dan Rodriguez)

Angel Street (D: Paul R. Dixon)

Boeing, Boeing (D: Paul Murphy)

2022-2023 David Warnock

100th anniversary season

Iolanthe (repeat) (D: J. Deschene, MD: Div Sloman, C: Rebecca Graber)

Light Up the Sky (repeat) (D: Paul R. Dixon)

Dancing at Lughnasa (repeat) (D: Michelle Aguillon)

Nunsense (repeat) (D & C: Jason Hair-Wynn, MD: Div Sloman)


2023-2024 Judy Weinberg

Pippin (D: Alison Walters-Short, MD: Div Sloman, C: Jill Tokac)

One Slight Hitch (D: David Dooks)

Court-Martial at Fort Devens (D: Lisa Miller-Gillespie)

Twelfth Night (The Musical) (D: Maddie Roth, MD: Samantha Prindiville, C: Rebecca Graber)

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