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"Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," 2019

Myl Trempf Award

The Myl Trempf Award is the highest honor the Board of Directors can give to an AFD member. The award is for members who epitomize the “behind the scenes” work at AFD – the unsung heroes.

Myldred Foley Trempf was a special person. She was a friend (small “f” and a Friend (capital “F”.) As a Friend, she was an actress, production manager, and president extraordinaire. Myl was AFD. Her last directing gig here was Anastasia in 1961, but she remained active long after that. In the “olden days” when the Prologue was done on a mimeograph machine, that machine was kept at her house in Belmont.


In 1979, as probably her last gift to AFD, she “lent” us $50,000; she said she wanted to do that before she was “pushing up the daisies.” She wanted to see that money being used and we were to pay her back at the princely sum of $50 per month. When she died, only a couple of years later, and we had repaid a mere pittance, the debt was absolved. We then decided that the best way to honor her was with the Myl Trempf Award.

Award Recipients

1982 Lorraine Stevens

1984 Dorothy J. Lansil

1987 Don Richardson

1992 Nancie Richardson

1993 William H. Mahoney

1997 Ellen Kazin

1998 Marian Desilets

2001 George Rogers

2002 Evelyn Corsini Alcorn

2004 Maureen J. Patterson

2004 Bob Patterson

2005 Peter Ambler

2009 Brian Rehrig

2010 Ginger Webb

2011 Dorothy Santos

2012 Stu Kazin

2013 Barbara Tyler

2014 Charles R. Carr

2015 Judy Weinberg

2016 Lis Adams

2017 Gareth Williams

2019 Sandy Armstrong

2022 Iain Bason

2023 Susan Harrington

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