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It's a thrill Being One in Dynamic Duos

In anticipation of Live from AFD! Dynamic Duos! we will be highlighting our talented actors. We had the opportunity to catch up with Stanis Ames who plays Being One (Parallel Lives) and learn more about her connection to theatre.

What attracted you to Live from AFD! Dynamic Duos! and Being One? The last show I was in managed to run for one of its three weekends in March 2020 before it was shuttered due to COVID-19. The fact that this was live, (somewhat) in-person theater got me very excited, and when I saw the sides for Supreme Beings, I knew I had to audition! The script is very irreverent and Being One had a very clear voice to me, so I was psyched to read for and be cast in the role!

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed your perception on the importance of live theatre? I had participated in virtual rehearsals prior to the pandemic, and I have watched streamed theater before as well, but nothing can ever compare to live, in-person rehearsal, and certainly not to live theater. The pandemic didn't change my perception, but it did bring that reality into serious perspective. Sharing a space with fellow actors, artists, and audiences is a unique experience that cannot be simulated or replaced. The shared energy that fills a theatrical space during live performance is electrifying, and really an integral part of the human experience that transcends geography, culture, and history.

When and how did you first become involved with AFD? My husband played Fabrizio in AFD's The Light in the Piazza a few years back, and that was my first introduction to AFD. I have had several friends perform in various other shows at AFD, and have kept an eye out on audition postings for quite some time. Dynamic Duos was the perfect opportunity to get involved with AFD, and I'm thrilled to be participating!

When not performing, what other activities do you participate in? I am a board member and the Marketing Committee Chair at Marblehead Little Theatre. I am an avid traveler, book-reader, and gardener, and am employed as a Marketing Campaign Analyst.

What do you hope audiences take away from Live from AFD! Dynamic Duos! I hope the audience feels joy and excitement as they watch live theater being made in an actual theatre again, and experience a renewed desire to patronize community theater as soon as we're all safely able to do so.


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