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Our lovely and funny production of "Love's Labour's Lost" is now OPEN! Join the fun!

Here's but one highly accurate review from opening night:

I am truly blown away by the talent in our Boston theater community! Awesome date night at Love’s Labors Lost performed at Arlington Friends of The Drama. Our faces hurt from smiling and we are still catching our breath from our laughter. Katie Pickett lead the charge with expert direction on a stunning set built and designed by Manny Pickett! Kat McCorkle was expertly steering the ship and it sailed beautifully! Miriam Cross, Kevin Hanley, Ben Jamieson and Abby Seidel, you and your cast and pit lit the stage with joy filled performances and beautiful music! If you are seeking and night full of laughter and excitement, go, Go,GO, GO, GO see this show!!!

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