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Why so much chemistry in the Addams family?

It's not your imagination--the Addams parental units really DO have that much sparkle between them. That would be due to the real life friendship of the lead actors, David Rodrigues (as Gomez),and Vanessa Calantropo (as Morticia). They amuse each other, and bring out the best in each other.

And they swear this is true: it's not the first time they've played the Addams couple. They recently dressed as Gomez and Morticia for Halloween... There's a rumor of photograph...

"It's kind of crazy," notes Tim Andrews, the director who's participating at AFD for the first time. "I had no idea they even knew each other when they auditioned."

He says that their commitment has made the collaboration and the production much richer. "They practice outside the rehearsals, so by the time they come in, they know the choreography cold."

Vanessa has been with AFD before, and just recently stole the show as Jolene in last season's "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels." She just wrapped up as a dancer at the ART's production of "The Donkey Show." Tim says, "Vanessa is so talented--she's not Equity, but she could be."

David recently appeared as Marty in MMAS's production of "It Shoulda Been You," and has been with AFD in the past.

Don't miss the charm and wit, and amazing talents! of these two, September 20-October 6...

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