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Another inspector calls...

It's hard not to notice the parallels between the plots of "An Inspector Calls" and the upcoming "The Game's Afoot or, Holmes For The Holidays" -- but, once you get beyond the plot, they could hardly be more different. "Game's Afoot" is just hilarious -- nonstop acerbic lines, slapstick comedy, and delight.

And our inspector is miles from the somber man in "Inspector" -- she's a loopy interloper who's more like Columbo than Holmes...

Christine Chilingerian plays Inspector Harriet Goring in her AFD debut. Christine is delighted to be making her first appearance at AFD after appearing as Senator Rutledge in "1776," "Iolanthe" and "Utopia," and serving as Stage Director for the MIT Gilbert and Sullivan Players’ recent production of "Patience." When she isn't on stage ferreting out crime, Christine spends most of her time working in regulatory compliance at Tufts Health Plan.

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