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It takes many hands to build an office from 1980

From the "safe taste beige" color on the desks to the gigantic copying machine, the particulars of 1980 are hard to find -- and harder to build. Never MIND the shoulder pad budget...

Thanks to all our intrepid builders who've been showing up each Saturday for weeks now! This Saturday, many hands were on deck to paint, hammer, hang, drill, measure...

A great crew!!! Including our set designer, producer, director, president -- and many more. Come join us anytime: we're a community theater is all senses of the word.

AFD president David Warnock

Stu Kazin and Charlie Carr

Co-producer Barbara Moss and set director Margaret Umbsen

(Still them)

Paul Alperin and Mr Barbara Moss

Director Paul Murphy and a recent recruit who's an industrial painter! Man, are we happy she's joined.

Gareth tells us where it goes

Charlie Carr is always helping. Like, always.

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