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The amazing "inclusively players" at the heart of the play

Every time they burst onto the stage in this production of "Rosencrantz," one marvels at the astonishing round-up of faces, bodies, energy.

From the beginning, the director, Ingrid Oslund, brought a radical spirit of fun to the enterprise, looking to play with gender, size, movement. "I needed a troupe of weirdos to come out of the woodwork and have fun," she says. At the auditions, she put actors in groups and tried “image theater” game where they were given words and struck a pose. “Everyone had to die beautifully,” she says.

"Every single one brought something different and wonderful to the table. They're all working together well and becoming one organism, that moves together, breathes together."

Says the Lead Player: "We keep to our usual stuff, more or less, only inside out. We do on stage the things that are supposed to happen off. Which is a kind of integrity, if you look on every exit being an entrance somewhere else."

Come take a look and enjoy the antics, opening November 30... Here they are!

The Tragedians: Paul Dingman, Sebastian Espinosa, Rebecca Greene, Victoria Isotti, Erica Wisor (and Matthew Lundergan as Alfred)

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