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Appearing for the first time on the AFD Stage! From London England, Sir Robarts himself!

We're delighted to welcome George Middleton, in the role of Sir Wilfrid Robarts in "Witness for the Prosecution" (by Agatha Christie). George has lived in Arlington for a long time, but this is his first time on stage with us. An actor who trained in London and worked in New York City, George brings serious gravitas to the role of the defending barrister.

Of his role, he notes, “Sir Robarts is a lovely role. He’s an English eccentric, a Queen’s Counsel that you get in the upper class of British society. As the top of the heap of the legal profession, he’s very self-assured. But he’s almost smug in his faith in the legal system, and Agatha Christie does shake that up a bit. Her play has some commentary about that.”

He appreciates the skill of Christie at character in the middle of mystery. “She’s a master at plotting, obviously, but what makes her literature endure is that her characters are not stick figures. They’re so interesting in their eccentricities and quirks. Other writers have a lot of whodunit without the real people.”

Of the director, J. Deschene, he says, “She’s a really talented director, very creative. She gives us things that enrich the scene.” The language is crucial to the time and place as well, “And she’s very precise about sticking to the script word for word. It’s so particular.” Still, he notes that “she digs into the text for humor in a lot of places as well.”

As one who knows good theater and good entertainment, Genard encourages audiences to come to this one. “As always,” he says, “You’re in good hands with Agatha Christie. This play is no exception. There are surprises and even shocks-- you won’t be disappointed."

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