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Welcome to the stage, Alex Deutch!

Wow, AFD is honored to welcome Alex Deutch --as the intriguing character of Lucas Beineke-- in the first supporting role of his community theatre career!

When the director, Tim Andrew, learned that it's Alex's first time in such a role, he found it hard to believe. Alex is a natural, and seems completely comfortable on stage.

He certainly has the vocal chops. Though a singer in bands during high school, Alex began singing more seriously after joining an a capella group on campus at Case Western Reserve University.

Alex moved to Somerville shortly after graduation and began taking voice lessons and auditioning for musicals in the area. He has one previous role (split three ways) as Storyteller/Seth/Shem in a production of "Children of Eden" at the Theatre Company of Saugus last spring.

During the day Alex works as a web developer and at night he does lots of other stuff, like this musical for example!

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