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To the moon, Alice!

Allie Villa is overjoyed to be making her AFD debut in this creepy and kooky production as Alice!

She most recently performed in "If/Then" with Broken Leg Productions in Melrose and as Flotsam in "The Little Mermaid" with Create Inspire Change Theater Company in Watertown. Other favorite roles include Aquata in "The Little Mermaid" (TVRT), Texas in "Cabaret" (Adirondack Lakes Arts Center), Rachel in "Bloody, Bloody, Andrew Jackson," and Brenda in "Hairspray" (Redhouse Arts Center).

Allie is a full-time theatre teacher at Mildred Avenue K-8 in Mattapan. Much love and thanks to the production team and her own family, especially Eli & Henry! Follow @alliejvilla for updates.

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