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Boooooo. Boo! TWO FOR ONE (and more)

Well, hello, Halloween weekend, you devil! You've stolen our audience for Friday and Saturday evenings! Boooooooooooooo.

We don't want our FANTASTIC and BELLA cast to perform to a woefully small audience, so,

YOU THERE, LOVER OF GOOD THEATER: Boo! here is your chance to get TWO TICKETS for $25. Friday and Saturday evenings.

To activate this offer, just mention it at the Box Office. Show starts at 8 PM. Box Office opens at 7:15.

You can't hardly go to a 3D movie for that kinda money.

PLUS: SATURDAY, join us after the show for formaggio e vino (wine and cheese to you).


Show up and tell the handsome man at the box office that you read about it here.

Do it! To the beauty of life!

Now put that kiss right here. Mwah!

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