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"Leonard Vole? Why, that’s the name—it was in the paper..."

Is Leonard Vole a goofball innocent, caught up in a web of lies by a crafty German woman with few scruples but many wiles? Or is he a sort of Post-WWII Ted Bundy in a war-weary, threadbare London?

You make the call, in our upcoming production of Agatha Christie's "Witness for the Prosecution," opening March 1!

Patrick McCormick as Leonard Vole writes a note to his barrister.

Vole is a fascinating character, by turns charming, befuddled, agonized, inventive--and a bit predatory. He charmed the spinster Emily French with his good looks, youthful vigor, and agile mind. Yet what was their relationship? He says he regarded her as his aunt; the housekeeper Janet MacKenzie says he was trying to bilk and/or marry Emily for her money. He spent many evenings with her...

Come puzzle it out with us.

Patrick McCormick, who plays Leonard with grit and outrage, has recently appeared in "Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde: (The Longwood Players), "Love’s Labour’s Lost" (Shakespeare in the Valley) and "The War on Safety" (Brooklyn College). He holds an MFA in Acting from Brooklyn College.

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