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"You really expect the Jury to believe that?"

While Sir Wilfrid (the defense barrister/attorney) gets top billing in "Witness for the Prosecution," for my money the role of Mr. Myers, Q.C. (aka Queen's Counsel) is a bit more juicy and flashy. And it takes some serious acting chops to convey his passion, outrage, and -- confusion.

Fortunately for AFD, we have all that in the body of Brian Lavalle, who brings a serious dosh of spice to the man who's determined to convict the shiftless Leonard Vole of murdering the spinster Emily French.

Patrick McCormick as Leonard Vole and Brian Lavalle as Mr. Myers

As the diabolical plot unfolds, we're all baffled to find that Leonard's wife, the steely foreign-born Romaine, turns up in court as a witness for the prosecution (NOT the defense). Mr. Myers draws her out, and then hammers away at Leonard -- as Leonard holds fast to his assertion that he's innocent and his wife is lying and it's all a terrible nightmare...

Brian has appeared with the Winchester Players, the North Shore Players, Steps off Broadway in Bellingham, and the Newton Country Players. He has played a variety of roles that include: George Bailey in "It’s A Wonderful Life," Mr. Shellhammer in "Miracle on 34th Street," Adult Frank in "Cheaper By The Dozen," Sandy Lord in "The Philadelphia Story," Brother Dan in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," and Herr Zeller in "The Sound of Music."

We're happy to welcome him to the AFD stage!

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